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5 of the Most Practical Benefits of Connect

5 of the Most Practical Benefits of Connect

Mobile has long been firmly established at the centre of business communications, with smartphone capabilities such that almost any business-related activity can take place anywhere. Latest figures show us that almost three quarters of businesses now actively support a mobile, flexible workforce, and so it is no surprise that these devices are an essential driver behind that trend.  The ability to stay connected has contributed to an improvement in workforce efficiencies, and instant communication tools like video calling on mobile has led to improved customer and colleague interaction.

Despite the obvious benefits, mobiles are generally designed for each individual user, and with that comes a few limitations. Working in isolation from the businesses phone system means mobile users can miss out on some of the features offered by an office desk phone; things like reception services, call recording and access to a larger directory.

How can Connect help?

Connect, is a product that simply integrates your business mobile phones with your office phone system, allowing landline, mobile and laptop to work together as one communications package. Companies who use Connect, find that by streamlining their business communications, they can provide their staff with the ultimate flexibility to work wherever, but with optimum access to important telecoms features.

Connect stands out from other services because of its flexible nature; adopted incrementally and only paying for what is needed, makes it an ideal cost-effective companion for all businesses large and small.

Our whole team have been using connect for a number of months and these are a few of our favourite features:

1 – Call Recording

All calls can be recorded whether you are in the office or on the move.  This has helped us with our staff training, and quality assurance needs. In addition, it is great to get a complete picture of the business communications and call stats, as all calls to and from mobile are now included in our reporting.                       

2 – Local Presence

It has been extremely beneficial to present the business landline number from our mobile phones.  Many of our customers see real value in dealing with a business who has a local presence, so by presenting a local number we have found that calls are far more likely to be answered. We no longer need to hand out mobile numbers to external contacts, as calls to the landline can be answered wherever we are.

3 – One Voicemail for all Calls

We no longer miss any voicemails.  Connect has removed the need for two separate voicemails across fixed and mobile, allowing us to listen and respond from wherever we are working. We are already reaping the rewards of an improved customer response time.

4 – Improves Internal Communications

Providing our employees with the same tools and features on any device has really helped our internal communications. The same dial plan, extension numbers and advanced call features are all available on the mobile devices and that means anyone can easily reach the right person wherever they are.

5 – Easy to Use

The good news is, that in the likely scenario that you already use a mobile phone, Connect functionality will be almost no different.  Calls are made in exactly the same way and because it doesn’t use up data, and there is no requirement to use the APP, it has offered us a simple, low cost solution to integrated communications.

If you are a business with employees who are regularly out of the office, you will undoubtedly find Connect a great asset. Connect brings all of the benefits of a landline to mobile, it makes flexible working more than just working somewhere else; it creates the mobile office.

Find out how to enhance your communications easily with Connect.