October 7th

A Partnership that Supports our Customers

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Peter Branfield

Edinburgh-based Icelantic and HighNet use their strategic partnership to help businesses stay connected during any future lockdowns.
HighNet and Icelantic are offering a unique COVID Protection Policy that allows their joint customers to take a 3-month payment break for their Internet circuits at any point during their contract.
Both companies know that there is still a high level of uncertainty out there for businesses and that having reliable connectivity and robust IT solutions will continue to play a key role for businesses. This positive move gives businesses the power to respond to changing circumstances, whilst keeping their connectivity infrastructure fully in place to help their business thrive and survive.
Commenting on the new initiative Peter Branfield, Business Development Manager at HighNet said:
“We know that over the past few months businesses everywhere have suffered as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and whilst there’s no doubt that significant progress has been made, a lot of uncertainty still remains for every sector, particularly as we approach the winter months ahead.
HighNet and Icelantic both recognise the financial impact that the current uncertainty is having on businesses across the UK. We wanted to use our partnership to offer support and bring reassurance to our customers that they can keep vital connectivity and IT services going through difficult periods in the future.”

Duncan Reid, Partner of Icelantic said:
“The last thing businesses want to cut back on is their communication infrastructure. As remote working continues to be the norm, it is vital that stakeholders in the business can continue to communicate, plan and prepare their come-back whilst their usual trading premises are shut.
We are delighted to support HighNet is maintaining what we consider a vital business service in uncertain times”

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