June 2nd

Get the Most from your Home Connectivity

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David Alldritt

The recent advances in the COVID-19 outbreak means many businesses are now taking steps to enable their staff to work from home. But when employees work outside the office environment, they may encounter challenges that can affect their access to office systems and data storage.
Below you’ll find some suggestions and advice that could help smooth the transition to remote working for your teams and help maintain their home connectivity.
Check Connections and Router Location
A good place to start is checking the back of your router to make sure all your cables are firmly secured at both ends and that you’re using a microfilter, if needed. To get the best performance from your router, we suggest checking it has the clearest path possible to your computer (the fewer walls the signal has to pass through, the better) and that no furniture is obstructing it.
Use your Master Socket
Your master socket is slightly larger than any extension sockets in your house and can usually be found in your hallway or near your front door.
Turn Off and On
Try turning the router off for 10 seconds and switching it back on at the mains plug, though you shouldn’t have to do this more than once in a 48-hour period.
Reduce Video Streaming
Try turning off any devices not in use (streaming boxes, games consoles, computers etc.) to improve performance.
Try a Wired Connection
Most routers come with an extra ethernet cable already, so if you need a more robust connection, connect your computer directly to the router.
Reduce Signal Interference
Signal interference can affect your Wi-Fi’s speed, so ensuring there’s no other broadcast technology (streaming devices, consoles, cordless phones etc.) close to the router can help.
Change your Wireless Channel
Wi-Fi routers broadcast on a particular channel and if your neighbours are using the same channel the signals can overlap, causing connections to slow down. Depending on your technical ability, you may want to speak to us to guide you through the process and improve your connection speed.
Don’t Forget to Disinfect Devices
Even if you’re the only user, it’s worth keeping on top of hygiene and maintaining a clean workspace. Antibacterial wipes or sprays are usually fine, but it’s always worth checking if the device manufacturer has any recommended cleaning instructions first.
Need more help?
Remember we are always on hand to support you, so if you’re having any problems or would simply like some advice please just give us a call or email us at sales@highnet.com.

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