Business broadband at home.

Dedicated bandwidth for a reliable and safe home office experience.


Keep the whole house connected.

The concept of remote and flexible working continues to gather pace as more and more businesses discover that the mixture of office and home working suits both them and their employees. And with such a significant shift, the need for a reliable, secure connection in the home has never been more important. That’s why many businesses are allowing their employees the opportunity to benefit from business-grade connectivity in their homes, with the essential reliability, speed and security to meet business demands.

Dedicated internet for the home office

We find that many people don’t even know that there’s an alternative to their regular residential broadband, but it’s worth finding out a little more about how opting for business-grade broadband could help improve the home working experience.

The key difference between business-grade home broadband and a residential product is around how the traffic is handled. With business-grade, you have a dedicated home internet connection, delivering separate bandwidth for working from home. This means no fighting for bandwidth when it comes to making video calls or uploading documents, so when everyone is in the house streaming their favourite shows on Netflix or playing the latest game on the X-Box you can be sure that your work connection is always uninterrupted.

  • Prioritised Business Traffic

  • Reliable

  • Safe

  • Cost Effective

As secure as the office

We know that for many people working from home, business security is a key concern, particularly when it comes to accessing and downloading work documents. With a dedicated business-grade connection you don’t need to worry about this as you can make use of a virtual private network (VPN) to provide secure connectivity back to your office with a fully managed router. What’s more, being part of that private network means your traffic stays completely off the public internet.

More than just internet

At HighNet, our network is built around voice traffic and because this connects to the UK’s largest business voice carriers you can also utilise your HighNet Home Broadband connection for a business telephone line. This lets us provide business telephone systems that are perfect for working from home such as Microsoft Teams.

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