Microsoft 365 business

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365 with a license bundle.


Microsoft 365 business

The power is in your hands with Microsoft 365 and the world’s most popular office applications are now available in an easily managed license bundle. Microsoft 365 Business (formally Office 365 Business) is designed for teams of every type, shape and size, with a flexible subscription service that’s easily scalable to meet the changing needs of your business.


Microsoft Office 365 business is now Microsoft 365 business. Microsoft 365 consists of multiple tools that are extremely popular across the globe. From Microsoft Word and Excel to PowerPoint and Teams, Microsoft 365 for Business is a great license-based suite that gives you access to a world of possibility. Each Microsoft 365 for Business license is scaled to give users the specific tools they need without excess, and all tools are incredibly intuitive and user friendly, enabling anyone to get started.

Perfect for employees to create documents and content, and work collaboratively from anywhere, Microsoft 365 Business also allows you to use apps like Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Teams. Our support team can setup and manage Microsoft 365 for your business, providing you a cloud environment filled with tools to help the businesses thrive.

What are some of the new Microsoft 365 features?

  • Business Microsoft 365 desktop apps
    Download all the Microsoft 365 apps on your desktop, tablet or mobile. Each Microsoft 365 app works online, meaning teams can work on the same document using their desktop apps or browsers. All Microsoft 365 desktop apps are available in the full Microsoft 365 Business Suite.
  • Microsoft Outlook for business
    Microsoft Outlook remains the world’s most popular business email platform. Packed with features and fully integrated with all Microsoft 365 apps, Outlook is a full-service email platform where teams can connect with colleagues and customers efficiently and securely.
  • Microsoft Teams desktop app
    Staying connected is super easy with the Microsoft Teams desktop app. Chat, video call, share documents, create tasks and see colleague’s calendars using Microsoft Teams. Everything works seamlessly on a desktop, mobile phone or tablet. Easily make calls to any number directly from your Microsoft Teams app.

What are the benefits of Microsoft 365?

  • Cost effective
    Microsoft 365 Business is available in multiple packages. Each is designed to give users the right tools to increase efficiency and make an impact. If you want a tailored quote for your business, speak with our certified Microsoft 365 Business experts who will help your business get the right package in place.

  • Microsoft 365 Apps for business
    Give your teams access to Microsoft 365 apps for business that offer full 360 integration. With Microsoft 365 apps for business, you have access to Word, Excel, Teams, Sharepoint, Powerpoint, and a host of additional world class tools. All Microsoft 365 apps for business offer CRM integration to third party software and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Microsoft 365 collaboration tools
    Microsoft 365 (formally Office 365 collaboration tools) offers flexibility with online integration. Teams can work on the same document, no matter their location, and all documents are safely stored in a secure cloud environment. Users can see who’s currently online and what changes are being made where, making collaborative working easier than ever.

Here to make it easy

Microsoft 365 is good for all businesses that want a host of digital productivity tools that integrate with CRM’s and is cloud based. Microsoft 365 is the perfect cloud solution that offers some of the world’s most popular tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint.

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