A simple, cost-effective phoneline service to replace your traditional landline set-up.


Why do you need PhoneLine+?

The legacy, public-switched telephone network is being turned off, so to keep your phone and your number working you need to move to the new network, where voice calls are delivered using the same infrastructure as data using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology.

We know that your phone number is essential to your business and you have invested a lot into it over time and PhoneLine+ has been specifically designed with that in mind. It supports all the key features expected of a traditional telephone line including voicemail, call divert and call hold, but without paying more, PhoneLine+ provides extra features designed to make your life easier.

Be there for your customers anywhere

We know that some of your biggest daily challenges include managing time better and more productively, so having a business phone that works every time, where you want it, and puts customer and call information in front of you in an intuitive way, would be a huge advantage. PhoneLine+ delivers in all these areas and more. 

As a software-based solution, PhoneLine+ can be updated and maintained remotely by your service provider, safeguarding your business as technology evolves. You could have complete control over who is a subscriber in your company which makes it easy to add and remove users and reallocate phone numbers as required.

Save time and work smarter

PhoneLine+ offers all the key features of a traditional telephone line including Voicemail, Call Divert, Call Hold, Contact Directory, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding and Number Withholding.

The PSTN switch-off is happening, and PhoneLine+ is perfectly positioned as a a simple digital hosted telephony solution to help businesses thrive – here’s how:

  • The device of your choice
    Make and receive calls from where you are rather than where the phone is ringing. PhoneLine+ can be loaded on the device or devices of your choice including laptop, tablet, or mobile phone (whether Android or Apple) or IP handset. If you are logged in on that device, then it will ring when a call comes in.
  • Don’t wait to get started
    Once you have signed up PhoneLine+ is delivered immediately via email, so there is no waiting for an engineer to call, simply download the app or soft client to your device(s) of choice. Immediately start making and receiving calls and managing your customer experience.
  • Easy to use
    No need to spend significant time learning how to access and get the most out of your PhoneLine+ account. The user interface is designed to be intuitive and familiar in its choice of icons, and the main functions are on the front page.
  • Manage more than one number
    With PhoneLine+ you can have more than one phone number per subscriber, so you can choose to use dedicated numbers for different functions. 
  • So much information
    Store all your business essential numbers in one place using the contacts function. Synchronise your contacts from your mobile phone, choose to keep them private or share contacts with your colleagues so you all have customer numbers at your fingertips.
  • Out of hours
    With PhoneLine+ you can set your Out of Hours profile for every day of the week, and you can have an Out of Hours message that is specifically for when you are closed rather than unable to answer a call.
  • Analytics
    Use the built-in reporting to see your call patterns and usage trends, check that calls are being answered in your absence, and monitor progress against your goals which could include optimising your availability

We’ll make it Plain Sailing

Since 1994 we have been delivering cutting edge telecoms to businesses of all sizes across the UK, so we know how important it is to get these things right for you. We know that every business deserves the best and that everyone needs access to the most dynamic tools available to stay at the top of their game.

Here to help future-proof your business, PhoneLine+ has been specifically designed to replace your traditional landline service using VoIP technology to deliver voice calls over the broadband network, all at a highly competitive price.

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