SoGEA broadband

Broadband that provides everything you need to connect your business in one place.


What is SoGEA?

SoGEA broadband provides you with everything you need to connect your business to the internet. Standing for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access, SoGEA is a broadband service which delivers the same performance and data levels as FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) but it takes the need for the installation of a traditional phone line out of the equation making it much more cost effective.

SoGEA broadband offers speeds of up to 80Mbs and can be combined with a VoIP service to provide phone and broadband to your premises, allowing you to transfer your old phone number and business broadband service into one connection.

Features of SoGEA

  • One line, no PSTN line
    SoGEA is a dedicated line that delivers a broadband connection to business premises but it doesn’t run over a traditional PSTN (public switched telephone network) phone line – instead using the same fibre-based technology as FTTC. So, you no longer need to make two orders, one for PSTN and then a separate broadband order. SoGEA takes care of it all in a single order.
  • Fast and reliable
    SoGEA uses fibre-based technology from the local exchange to the PCP (the green street cabinets) to deliver broadband to your business premises. This provides fast speeds of up to 80Mbps and greater stability than traditional copper-based phone lines.
  • Easy set-up
    HighNet will have you all set-up in not time with a quick installation and reliable connection. And since everything’s in one place, there’s no running around to report and resolve connection issues with multiple suppliers – making life a lot easier. Above all, SoGEA guarantees future-proof connectivity as the UK moves to an all-IP network.

Even more benefits

  • Reliable and cost effective
    SoGEA broadband gives download speeds of up to 80Mbs, using the same reliable and resilient fibre-based technology as traditional fibre broadband (FTTC). 

  • One supplier, one point of contact
    SoGEA is a standalone, broadband-only connection so you won’t need to install and pay for a landline telephone line alongside it. 

  • Future-proof
    Upgrading the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) to full fibre network will ensure your business stays in touch and ready for an all-digital future!

Making it Plain Sailing

SoGEA broadband connection provides you with the high-speed fibre-broadband connection you need to run your business efficiently, without the need to connect and pay for a separate phone line. Saving you time and money! So, rather than having one supplier for your phone line and another for your internet services, SoGEA broadband provides everything you need to connect your business is in one place.

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