Supercharge your business

HighNet are bringing Hyper-fast Internet connectivity to businesses in Inverness. Join the Gigabit world today and totally transform your business.

Reaching Inverness businesses

We are working in partnership with the government to make Inverness a fully connected city, ready to attract talent from all over the world. With hyperfast full fibre-internet already making its way across a diverse range of businesses, it will soon be available right across the city. Register your interest today and find out more about the availability for your business.

The new way to do business

Did you know that most ‘fibre’ internet still relies on dated copper cable to bring services into your premises? Our pure fibre infrastructure is an altogether different proposition – giving you access to the hyperfast, reliable and secure data connectivity you need to support your growing business.

Hyperfast internet connectivity,
built for business

We power some of the UK’s fastest growing and most innovative businesses with our own dedicated high-speed network.

  • Designed exclusively for business use
  • Delivered to every corner of the UK by fibre, broadband and satellite
  • Backed by HighNet’s renowned customer support

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