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How Hosted Telephony Can Improve your Customer Relationships

How Hosted Telephony Can Improve your Customer Relationships

One of the key trends in the business world at the moment is how organisations are better connecting their workforce with the customer experience. In today’s customer-centric environment, the demands are greater than ever and so more and more businesses are striving to maximise their customer service potential. For most, this often means equipping their workforce with the technology to operate at their best, adding tangible value to both the business and customer.

Connecting the workplace with the customer experience heavily comes down to making life as easy as possible for both parties to interact with each other. It is now widely believed that staff mobility will be the key to successful businesses of the future, with many organisations already firmly on this path. Telecoms is an important decision for any business, and if it’s flexibility and growth that they are looking for, cloud systems, such as hosted telephony offers a surprisingly easy way to support this.

What is hosted telephony?

You might hear people use terms such as ‘cloud-based’, ‘hosted voice’, and ‘VoIP’, really, these all mean the same thing. For our purposes, we talk about hosted voice. In simple terms, this means using the internet instead of a physical telephone line to run your business telephone communications. So, whilst the headsets, mobile phones and other traditional products remain the same, the actual calls themselves are made over the internet, and everything technical is managed inside a cloud service. Because your phone system lives in the cloud, it can be used anywhere and it is this flexibility along with countless other benefits that are contributing to the growth in hosted telephony.

Why are more businesses switching to hosted systems?

In the digital age of instant information, constant availability and easy to use systems, customers have become the most demanding they have ever been and this has undoubtedly put pressure on businesses to enhance their communication tools. The flexibility offered by hosted systems has therefore been gathering pace in recent years, and this has also been helped by the availability of more powerful and affordable internet capacities.

As customers have grown to expect a service that caters specifically for them, businesses are looking for ways to ensure they achieve this, and, because one of the first interactions between a customer and a business is often over the phone, a more personalised service is certain to boost that relationship. This is where hosted telephony systems can make a huge difference, as they are specifically designed to enhance customer and employee accessibility. 

Enhancing the customer relationship is often about giving them more control over their own experience. 

Hosted phone systems will help this by

  • Automating the voicemail
    • Customers can be given an alternative message, with other contact methods.
    • Customers have more control to route their calls to the correct department.
  • Smarter call routing
    • Incoming calls can be routed to the next available extension.
    • Calls can be diverted or twinned with employee mobiles.
    • Call abandonment rates will be minimised causing less customer frustration.
  • Improved internal efficiencies
    • The workforce will be mobilised by quickly and easily routing calls to mobile destinations via their desktop number.
    • A complete view of the entire company network can be easily accessed to assess resource availability.


If you are looking to improve your customer service and mobilise your workforce, contact us today to find out more about our hosted voice packages.