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Inverness Set to Become a Gigabit City

Inverness Set to Become a Gigabit City

Highland Council have announced that over 150 public sector sites across Inverness, Fort William, Thurso and Wick, including schools, libraries, offices, hospitals, health centres and university campuses, will be able to access future-proof gigabit-speed services thanks to a new full fibre network, to be constructed by CityFibre.   The intention is that this infrastructure will be just the first step in providing Gigabit internet access to businesses and homes in Inverness and beyond.

For IT boffins like us it’s exciting news but what does it mean in practice for your business?

Gigabit is the next generation of connectivity and it’s going to provide hyperfast, scalable and reliable speeds to your business. It will give you the confidence you need to grow and scale your operation right here in the Highlands, without worrying about poor connectivity.

The benefits of full fibre connectivity are massive. To put the speed difference in some kind of perspective, where a standard broadband connection might offer 20 – 100 Megabytes per second, Gigabit will offer 1,000 Megabytes plus. That means your ability to download, stream and run enterprise-level apps in the cloud will all be improved tenfold.

It’s not just download speeds though, one of the biggest benefits of Gigabit connectivity is the greatly enhanced upload speeds. Slow upload speeds are one of the most common problems for business users and prevent the seamless use of some of the most common cloud-based apps (think Dropbox, Google Drive, Salesforce, Office 365 etc – basically any app that involves the uploading of large files to the cloud).

It’s also a future-proofed technology that is about way more than supporting the needs of today’s businesses. It will help power the technologies of the future from automation to smart manufacturing and the Internet of Things.

  When will it be available?

It will be some months before the new public sector infrastructure built by CityFibre gets fully up and running, but that’s where HighNet has a trick up its sleeve! We have been investing heavily in the local network infrastructure for many years and can already offer full-fibre Gigabit connectivity to businesses in Inverness and the surrounding areas. Having been the anchor partner for the CityFibre Glasgow rollout, we’ve seen first-hand just how transformative hyperfast, full-fibre internet connectivity can be for local businesses and we can’t wait to launch the service in our hometown.

And the best bit?

All SME’s are eligible for the Gigabit Voucher Scheme. HighNet is a registered supplier of the government scheme, which can provide businesses with up to £2,500 towards the cost of full-fibre connectivity. This funding makes the upfront investment required negligible and gives you full-fibre connectivity at a surprisingly low monthly cost.

  Visit our website for more information and to register your interest