Joint Marketing Initiative

At HighNet we fully understand that you our partners do not always have the time, resource, or money to do everything you would like!

  • How are you going to market to your customer base?
  • Who can I get to call the base once a month?
  • What about prospecting, if I send out email how will I follow it up?
  • Who can help create good marketing material with a good call to action?
  • Can I record open rates and bounce back emails and make sure I’m GDPR compliant at all times?
  • The list could go on……..

Introduce us to your customers and we will do the rest

We would love to talk to you and investigate ways we can support your marketing activities. Here’s just some of what we can do to help:

  • Call your customer base on your behalf ?
  • Co- brand some material for your campaign team?
  • Agree a joint marketing fund – HighNet may put some money forward to support you on a specific initiative?

Have you got HighNet on you web site and landing pages ?

What if HighNet was to market your services to our customer base and deliver leads to you and vice versa?

Talk to your Partner Manager and let us all investigate the art of the possible together!

Making it Plain Sailing for you

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