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First Logged: 15:14, 31/1/20
Last Update: 22:55, 01/2/20
Service Outage
Fibre break was fixed approx. 9:30pm and service has been restored since. If you’re still experiencing any issues please power cycle your handsets and if problems persist, contact our on call Support Technician, Cody on 03454504502  
Emergency planned work has been scheduled for today between 14:00-18:00 on the Horizon servers. Please be aware that in progress calls may drop within this time but redialling will be successful.
Handsets are registering on the network this morning. If you are still experiencing problems please power cycle the handset. If any issues persist, please contact our on call Support Technician, Cody, via our main number 03454504502
Online portal service have been restored through the night and access to place any call diverts is now available
We are expecting an update from the network at 8am to assess the situation. Re-routing traffic still has not been fully completed and the fibre break is still being worked on. We appreciate the patience of our customers during this very frustrating time
Technical issues whilst re-routing has caused unexpected delays to restore service. Work is ongoing to fix the fibre break
Fibre engineers are onsite, re-routing is expected to be complete around 10pm to restore service
Engineers estimated to be onsite at 9pm, updates following assessment of damage should arrive around 9:30pm
Engineers continue to work on the cause of the fibre break and put measures in place to restore connectivity where possible
A fibre break has been identified, and while engineers are investigating the root cause, there are alternative routes being identified to reduce the impact to call quality and voice services
Outage is still ongoing, chasing the network for updates but at this time we have no ETA of service restoration
We are aware that the outage is impacting data, voice and mobile
We are currently experiencing issues impacting some services across the network. Further updates will be posted here as they become available.


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