Partner Revenue Calculator

Channel Partner Revenue Calculator

As Ron Tidwell famously said in Jerry Maguire – Me The Money! All you need to do is input a couple of simple figures and our revenue calculator will do just that;ing you how much recurring income you could earn with HighNet.

If you’re interested to know how we calculate these estimates you can view the key to see how it’s done.

Total Number of Customers
Average Spend Per Customer
We assume £377 (the weighted average for our customers)

Estimated New Customers Per Month:

Commission Payable Running total for the year

Calculator Key

Average Spend Per Customer

We use the figure of £377 which is our average after stripping the really large and the really small customers. It gives you the fairest idea of what an average customer will spend.

Average Number of Customers Per Month

We understand most of your customers will be in an existing contract. We assume the contract length is 36 months and therefore divide your total customer base by 36. This tells us how many customers are coming out of contract each month. These won’t all turn into business so we then apply our conversion of 71% to give us the number of new customers in an average month.

Monthly Commission

We multiply your average customer spend by the number of new customers each month to give us a total revenue figure from which to calculate your monthly commission revenue.

Projecting it Forward

The beauty of the recurring commission model doesn’t come in month one so we project the figures out to 36 months to show you the size of the opportunity available if you continue to add new customers each month.

  • Average Customer Spend: £377
  • Total Customers: 400
  • Out of Contract Each Month: 11.1
  • New Customers Each Month: 7.7
  • Commission in Month 1: £290
  • Commission in Month 36: £10,450
  • Total Commission Earned: £193,333

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