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Service Delivery Update

Service Delivery update

We would like to confirm the latest service position following recent developments with our suppliers in relation to newly developed COVID-19 safe working practices.
We continue to accept new orders for all products and work closely with our customers and suppliers to ensure services can be delivered in a safe and efficient manner.
New Line and Broadband Orders
Openreach have recently lifted restrictions on engineers visiting customer premises which means that some appointed orders for lines and broadband services that had been pushed back to June and July can now be brought forward. This will be for a short duration provision visit only, where the job is considered low risk and when provision cannot be carried out externally, which remains the first preference.
Only lines that have relatively simple installation journeys will be eligible for installation at this time. Orders that are deemed to have complex delivery that would require additional engineering work or orders where Openreach feel that it would not be possible to gain access to the premises safely in adherence to their COVID-19 safe working practices will be excluded from this and will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.
If you have an existing order with HighNet at present, Openreach may contact you directly to try to agree an earlier installation date to complete the work required for the installation of your line.
Ethernet Orders
During the UK lockdown, Openreach have only completed installations on Critical National Infrastructure sites. However, they have now confirmed that with immediate effect they will progress Ethernet installations on any sites that engineers can gain access to safely, not just Critical National Infrastructure sites.
If you have an open Ethernet order with HighNet at present, Openreach may contact you directly to arrange access and if they do so, they will ask a set of general questions for you to answer before they can schedule an appointment.
Horizon/Xelion Orders
Any VoiP system (Horizon/Xelion) orders that had been delayed until a new line/broadband/Ethernet service could be provided, can proceed following installation of the line/broadband/Ethernet service.
If you have an existing order with HighNet at present for Horizon/Xelion our Order Management Team will be in contact with you over the coming days to determine what your current situation is and to make arrangements for your system installation to take place when you are available for this to happen.
This remains a fast-moving situation and we will continue to keep you updated as the situation evolves. In the meantime please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Order Management Team if you have a query on an existing order, or Katrina Macleod, Service Delivery Director, 01463210021, if you would like to discuss any concerns with an existing order.