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Hyperfast, secure and reliable connections designed for the needs of your agile business.

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Reliable, fast, and secure internet connectivity – it’s the one thing that every business, regardless of size agrees is critical to their success. That said, business connectivity requirements are not the same today as they were even a few years ago; the way we do business has changed and so too has the way we use connectivity to do it.

Most businesses already enjoy the advantages of using cloud services, such as greater employee flexibility, improved collaboration and increased security. There’s no doubt that the cloud has transformed how we all work, with companies of all sizes accessing new tools and technologies to strive in today’s world. It’s also true to say that optimising the latest cutting-edge technology always requires a fast and reliable fixed internet connection.

Built on our own network

We power some of the UK’s fastest growing and most innovative businesses and understand the value that comes from having the best business connectivity. At HighNet we operate our very own UK-wide internet network that’s specifically designed for business use. Why does this matter? It allows us to deliver next generation internet connectivity without compromising on quality or service delivery. We remove the reliance on dated network infrastructure so you can enjoy:

  • Maximum performance and no congestion.

  • DDos detection and mitigation.

  • Fully ready for VoIP adoption.

  • Control over the routing of traffic.

  • Visible and accurate diagnostic tools.

  • Speed testing with no internet traversal.

  • Fast engineering fix times.

And you’ll always be connected

We know you need your team to work effectively and securely whether they are in the office or working from home. At HighNet our aim is to always keep you working with hyperfast, secure and reliable connections designed for the needs of your agile business.

  • Perfect for remote and flexible working.
  • Built for voice and video.
  • Hyperfast with guaranteed reliability.

  • Delivered to every corner of the UK.

  • Backed by our 24/7 customer support.

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