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Think Healthcare. Think Unified healthcare phone system. Think Healthcare is the brainchild of a team of healthcare experts, some of whom have worked as practice managers and in healthcare IT roles. They leveraged their expertise in the primary care sector with their telecoms know-how to develop the Think Healthcare patient contact management solution. Part of […]

Think Healthcare. Think Unified healthcare phone system.

Think Healthcare is the brainchild of a team of healthcare experts, some of whom have worked as practice managers and in healthcare IT roles. They leveraged their expertise in the primary care sector with their telecoms know-how to develop the Think Healthcare patient contact management solution. Part of Focus Group, Think Healthcare specialises in supporting healthcare experts; at all 13 of their regional offices, to provide patient contact solutions that meet the needs of GP surgeries, PCNs, clusters, ICBs and health boards across the UK. Already successfully supporting 1,000 GP surgeries across England, Scotland and Wales.

Benefits of Think Healthcare

Drive down queues

Think Healthcare is all about connecting patients and practices. That means driving down call queues with increased call capacity to ensure patients are never met by the busy tone. This will improve the patient experience and increase their satisfaction, while maximising your QOF scores in the process.

Decrease access inequalities

Our aim is to ensure all patients can access primary care services and are not greeted by welcome menus or call queues. Think Healthcare allows vulnerable patients to be given VIP priority, thereby skipping the welcome menus and call routing, and being put straight through to a receptionist.

Ease pressure on reception staff

Think Healthcare is designed to cope with the volume of patient calls that come in first thing in the morning. Increased call capacity, automated attendant, fair call queuing and on-hold messaging are combined to ease patient frustration and drive down the stress often felt by reception staff.

Call-back service

The Think Healthcare call-back service relieves the burden felt by reception staff that know there is long call queue to get through, but this also means patients do not need to wait for their call to be answered. By selecting the call-back option, patients are automatically called by reception when they would have reached the front of the queue.

Supporting telephone triage

Clinicians are relying on telephone appointments more and more, but were often side-tracked before their opportunity to make outgoing calls due to a lack of call capacity. Multiple concurrent incoming and outgoing calls are supported by Think Healthcare along with call recording to check back on conversation details.

Clinical system integration

Think Healthcare integrates with leading clinical systems – Emis, SystmOne and Vision – to create a seamless and customisable communications platform and patient contact management system to support a busy healthcare environment. Calls are linked to patient records to make call handling more efficient and to automatically prompt receptionists to identify any unknown new numbers.

Maximise QOF measures

Think Healthcare provides live and historic call statistics to help practice managers maximise QOF performance measures. Live statistics can be displayed on wallboards to inform receptionists and other staff on call queues, missed calls, etc. Supervisors can keep an eye on live statistics and use historical statistics to plan staffing levels.

Click-to-call for efficient conversations

Patient management software integration means clinicians and reception staff can click to call on records for seamless communication without the time-wasting risk of dialling the wrong number. Clinicians can view a patient’s recent history as they call to inform their conversions and to avoid patient history repetition.

Think Healthcare of all primary care organisations

GP surgeries

Think Healthcare was designed for GP surgeries. With the cloud-hosted telephone system at its core, we have integrated contact centre software and the leading patient management systems to improve patient access and decrease the stress experienced by reception and clinical staff using older GP phone systems.

PCNs and clusters

Think Healthcare connects all these primary care services with a single contact management solution to seamlessly integrate PCN and cluster communication and find much-needed cost savings. This will give PCNs and clusters an overview of the performance of communication between GP practices and community, mental health, social care, pharmacy, hospital, and voluntary services to ensure the best patient access for the entire local population.

ICBs and health boards

Formerly known as clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), integrated care boards (ICBs) are implementing digital transformation programmes across England to improve patient access and care. Health boards are carrying out the same process in Scotland and Wales. Think Healthcare can spearhead this digital transition with leading patient contact technology.

Frequently asked questions

Does Think Healthcare include a cloud-hosted telephone system?

Yes! Cloud-hosted telephony is at the heart of Think Healthcare in line with government and NHS recommendations. This technology is seen as the ideal replacement for legacy GP surgery phone systems that rely on outdated ISDN lines and lack call capacity.

Is there any downtime during the install?

We provide a seamless transition of porting your existing numbers into the Think Healthcare network to provide a streamlined transition, the process of which is discussed further during your project calls.

Can I keep my existing phone numbers?

We can port all of your existing numbers, cease any you no longer need and provide brand new numbers and direct lines as required.

What If I am currently in an existing contract with a supplier?

The majority of the 500+ NHS customers with whom we already work had existing contracts at the time of engaging with Think Healthcare but needed a unified communications solution. We will support you with the termination of your existing contracts and through the transition period so you can migrate across to Think Healthcare seamlessly and without penalties.

Is patient data at risk?

All of your patient information and integration is covered by a Data Protection Impact Assessment and does not leave the surgery network.

How will Think Healthcare benefit practice managers?

From meeting QOF performance measures to having complete visibility and control over the incoming and outgoing calls, practice managers can gain immediate efficiencies for their staff while improving the communication experience of all patients, including the most vulnerable.

Is there a Think Healthcare provider near me?

Think Healthcare is a product sold by Focus Group from its 13 regional offices, so there will be a provider close to your location. We supply Think Healthcare to GP surgeries and other primary care services in England, Scotland and Wales. Think Healthcare is a cloud-hosted product so updates and support are also easily managed remotely.

Will this slow down my NHS network?

The Think Healthcare solution is designed to work off network as much as possible to avoid slowing down clinical systems and the network. Think Healthcare has a proven track record in both successful delivery and the provision of streamlined access.

How does your solution support new models of care services, including triage etc?

A part of the Think Healthcare reception dashboard includes scripting, so you can easily customise how your receptionists manage calls and patients. It can also classify calls so you can report on various call reasons and gain insight into frequent flyers etc.

Can patients book, cancel and change appointments?

Yes, Think Healthcare has automated patient access to book or amend appointments or arrange a call back, without having to speak directly to reception.

Can we route vulnerable patients and emergency calls?

Yes, VIP routing tables allow you to route emergency calls or palliative care patients to the front of the queue or directly to other areas of the practice.

Which clinical systems integrate with Think Healthcare?

Think Healthcare integrates with the leading clinical systems – Emis, SystmOne and Vision – so reception and clinical staff can enjoy the time-saving benefits of click to call from records and easy patient identification, plus prompts to capture unknown phone numbers.

Can Think Healthcare be used by other healthcare settings?

While Think Healthcare is a perfect fit for GP surgeries, it is a patient contact management system that works well for PCNs, clusters, ICBs and health boards, as well as private healthcare settings. Wherever organisations want to ease the process of incoming and outgoing calls with informed conversations supported by integrated success to patient records, Think Healthcare fits the bill.

How long does Think Healthcare take to install?

On average our project teams deploy within six-eight weeks but can be escalated if you have tighter deadlines to achieve.

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